Black-tailed Godwit

When I just got my 500mm lens I made a list of subjects I wanted to photograph. in the next couple of months.  The Black-tailed Godwit was high on my list, together with sanderlings and bearded reedlings. Given that it was early January I started with sanderlings and bearded reedlings. The sanderlings were quite easy to photograph, I had no luck with the bearded reedlings.

Early April as I recall I tried to photograph these Black-tailed Godwits for the first time. In April and May the still keep low to the ground: I managed to get a few decent shots, but nothing spectacular. In June and July you can encounter them sitting on fences. Which offers a lot more opportunities

Next season I’m hoping to get some shots when they are stil low on the ground early in the morning after a cold night. And maybe some captures of them during a fight.