Sanderlings are quite common birds. You can encounter them in many places along the Dutch coast. I usually visit the Brouwersdam to photograph them. But sometimes you need a change of scenery. This morning I went to Kwade Hoek, together with Wim Boon. This was the first time I  went to Kwade Hoek, although it had been on my list for quite a while. And now I know why: it feels remote.

To get to the birds we needed to get close to the shoreline. I think we’ve been there for over an hour without noticing the presence of  anyone else. We had lots of fun with like 6 or 7 birds which, once you’re lying flat on your stomach aren’t shy and get pretty close. And then it’s just a matter of arranging a few of them in a nice composition. Mornings like these are the reason why I want to go out with my camera!