Dune Pansy

Until now, 2020 hasn’t been a very productive year. For me january and february are usually slow, especially without any snow in the Netherlands, In March I always like to photograph moorfrogs, but it appears mating season already took place before March 10. Which is really early and therefore I missed it. My favourite location for wood anemones lies in Belgium and was off limits this year. But let’s get back to the subject of this blogpost: dune pansies.

Dune pansies never disappoint! It just seems I always manage to produce a satisfying image. Although there are hundreds of these tiny subjects in front of you, I always looking for “the one”. The one that stands out from the crowd. But in the end it’s just a matter of trying a lot of compositions, So the first step is just moving the camera around untill you see something that has potential. The second step is cleaning up: removing small distractions. A nerve wrecking process: it’s really easy to ruin the scene.

As much as I like the promise of some nice images in the end, I’m not really fond of the image making process itself. Is it just me or should every photographer be creeped out by all this sand your surrounded with when making these kinds of pictures? I just keep whiping my bean bag, clothes etc.

Google Maps | location: Meijendel

Meijendel is the largest interconnected dune area in South Holland. The beautiful nature reserve extends between Scheveningen, The Hague and Wassenaar, and consists primarily of open dune landscape, lakes, forests and kilometres of long sandy beaches.

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