You’ve made it!

First of all: thank you for visiting my website! I’m aware that nowadays a lot of people prefer to use social media, but I still feel that a website adds a personal touch when you want to show your photos. That’s why I still visit a website when I get the opportunity.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t use social media. You can find me on Instagram: I use posts to showcase my images. Stories are a great way to share some behind the scene footage.

So what’s next?

On my blog you can find stories and photos (sometimes there’s not a lot to say and I just want to show the image). Sometimes I want to share some insights or provide some info on the subject/location. In addition to the blog I created  a few pages (see “Info”) with some info about me, the gear I use and how to get in touch.

I hope you enjoy what you see!

Arjan de Wit