The story behind the image(s)

I also mentioned this on the frontpage of my website: as of 2020 I intend to run my website in English. I realize I might lose a few visitors how prefer to read the stuff I’m writing in Dutch. But on the other hand I also might attract a few international visitors. Older blogposts are still in Dutch, but new blogposts will be in English.

Silver-studded Blue

In my previous blogpost I wrote about dune pansies and said that this subject never disappoints. The same holds true for the Silver-studded Blue. Let me explain why I like this subject. Online I found this sentence when looking for some info: “The Silver-studded Blue has a restricted distribution but occurs in large numbers in suitable heathland.”

For me this implies: I won’t find them nearby where I live but if I find a spot where I discover the first one I’m pretty sure I will find many more of them. And by now I found my spot: a very comforting idea as the alarm goes off at 03.30. It’s not very often you have so many butterflies at your disposal. Which increases the chance that you will find one that sits exactly in the right spot. Read more

Dune Pansy

Until now, 2020 hasn’t been a very productive year. For me january and february are usually slow, especially without any snow in the Netherlands, In March I always like to photograph moorfrogs, but it appears mating season already took place before March 10. Which is really early and therefore I missed it. My favourite location for wood anemones lies in Belgium and was off limits this year. But let’s get back to the subject of this blogpost: dune pansies.

Dune pansies never disappoint! It just seems I always manage to produce a satisfying image. Although there are hundreds of these tiny subjects in front of you, I always looking for “the one”. The one that stands out from the crowd. But in the end it’s just a matter of trying a lot of compositions, Read more

Tree Frog (Dutch)

Tradities: ik ben er niet zo van. Maar voor het fotograferen van boomkikkers maak ik een uitzondering! Elk jaar in de maand augustus wil ik toch minstens weer een poging wagen. Dat is het ook echt naar mijn gevoel: een poging wagen. Het onderwerp, maar vooral de begroeiing waarin deze beestjes leven is redelijk chaotisch.



En dan moet je dus geluk hebben dat er zich een situatie voordoet waar je iets mee kan. Dat geluk dwing je af door het maar vaak genoeg te proberen. Read more