Banded Darter

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Tree Frog

It’s not difficult to scare a tree frog, especially the little ones. Stepping on some of the lower branches or positioning a tripod leg in the bramble bushes can be enough to scare them.

That’s why I prefer to use a 180mm lens instead of my 105mm macro lens. But even the 180mm forces you to position yourself  close to the branches and then carefully bending over to get close enough .  To my knowledge there are no real macro lensen above 200mm. So to keep even more distance I tried to (ab)use the AF-S NIKKOR 300mm f/4E PF ED VR  combined with an extension tube. Read more

Silver-studded Blue

In my previous blogpost I wrote about dune pansies and said that this subject never disappoints. The same holds true for the Silver-studded Blue. Let me explain why I like this subject. Online I found this sentence when looking for some info: “The Silver-studded Blue has a restricted distribution but occurs in large numbers in suitable heathland.”

For me this implies: I won’t find them nearby where I live but if I find a spot where I discover the first one I’m pretty sure I will find many more of them. And by now I found my spot: a very comforting idea as the alarm goes off at 03.30. It’s not very often you have so many butterflies at your disposal. Which increases the chance that you will find one that sits exactly in the right spot. Read more